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    news Google News   /.   Fark   jwz's lj on one page                                

   polar In which I Go Jump In A Lake                                                  
mcfuckup A McNasty McDining MxPerience                                                 
  8-ball "Stupid swag meets its fate"         fun                                      
 cosplay Mmm. Cute!                                                                    
   flash Silly SWF's                         \Fun\, n. [Perh. of Celtic origin;        
                                              cf. Ir. & Gael. fonn pleasure.] Sport;   
                                              merriment; frolicsome amusement.         
                                              ``Oddity, frolic, and fun.'' --Goldsmith.
pangrams Sentences using all the letters!                                              
  colors The color names built into HTML                                               
  sounds Silly audio                                                                   
  yuffie cute!                                                                         
      xp An old photoshop by Kevin                                                     

      irc2html Stupid PHP trick.                                                                   
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