Jon Bailey
236 S LOGAN ST APT 202
DENVER CO 80209-1829
Email: resume AT jonbailey DOT net

Position Desired
  Software Developer

Professional Experience
    Visual Studio 2005-2010 / Qt 4 for Windows ( C++ ) / ActiveState Perl
    ASP.NET / C# / Windows Server administration (NT 4, 2000, 2003)
    Internet Information Server (IIS) / Exchange Server 5.0-2003
    HP/Compaq ProLiant hardware
  Linux / BSD
    Qt 4.x for Linux ( C++ ) / GCC / GDB / Valgrind / Perl scripting
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS, Fedora, SuSE, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
    Firewall and NAT under Linux and OpenBSD
  Sun / UNIX / MacOS X
    Mac OS X 10.5 / 10.6 / Server / XCode / VMWare Fusion experience
    Intermediate level UNIX System Administrator (per USENIX SAGE definition)
    SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 10 administration (10 years) SPARC and x86
    Java and Oracle RDBMS deployment experience
    MySQL administration / basic development work
    iPlanet webserver / Apache HTTP server, Apache Tomcat / RSA SecurID ACE
  Development / software maintenance tools
    Subversion, CVS, Bugzilla, Trac, MediaWiki, JIRA, Microsoft VSS, TFS
    Catalyst series LAN-switching systems / Access routers (26xx / 36xx series)
    BGP routing (Core routers, 7000 / 12000 series) / Firewall access-list
    packet filters / PIX Firewall / Ethernet switch VLAN trunking, 802.1q
  Lucent / Redback
    Redback ATM / DSL equipment / Portmaster PM2/3 series access servers
    RADIUS setup under Unix and Windows NT
    Definity Prologix phone switch / Intuity Messaging system administration
  WAN / Telecom
    OCx / T3 / T1 data circuits / multiplexers
    Facility planning / site design

Work History / Accomplishments
  Hudson IT                                     Software Developer
    Englewood, CO   12/2010 - 02/2011
    * C# / ASP.NET application maintenance
      - Worked migrating ASP.NET 1.x framework code to modern controls
      - Diagnosed database load issues due to code design
    * MySQL administration / maintenance
      - Documented and executed back-up and roll-out plan for schema changes 

  IPS MeteoStar                                 Software Developer
    Englewood, CO   02/2009 - 06/2010
    * C++ / Qt application development (Linux & Visual Studio)
      - Interacted with clients to troubleshoot / reproduce failure modes
      - Configured test environments (multiple VMs) to reproduce failures
      - Worked with senior developers to produce useful diagnostic dumps
      - Helped train testers on specific customer-critical use cases
    * Perl development / maintenance
      Developed "watchdog" tool for sending SNMP alert notifications (traps)
        if other applications crashed/hung.   
        - Self-contained (single .pl / .exe file)
        - Cross platform (Windows/Linux)
        - Parsed XML config files to self-configure on first launch
        - Established RPC link with running applications for monitoring
        - Interfaced with precompiled native libraries on Win32 (SNMP libs)
    * Software configuration / Build management
      - Integrated development VM images for known "clean" builds
      - Packaged win32 builds with InstallShield
    * Legacy system support (IRIX / Solaris)

  ClickBank                                     Operations Engineer
    Broomfield, CO   02/2006 - 01/2009
    * Administration of a heterogeneous set of e-commerce servers
    * Administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSD 4.x/6.x, Windows
    * Administration of Cisco based LAN, WAN, Voice, and VPN technologies
    * Administration of internal MediaWiki, JIRA, LDAP, SecurID ACE servers
    * Internal IT support
    * Administration of high-availability Apache, mod_jk, Tomcat servers

  ViaWest                                       Solutions Engineer
    Denver, CO   01/2004 - 01/2006
    * Maintenance / Mangement of regional ISP network (hi-cap circuits)
    * Administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems
    * Administration of Windows 2003 and 2000 servers
    * Telephone support for medium/large customers
    * Coordination with telco on T1, T3, frame-relay issues

  Overseas Precision Castings                   Operations / IS Manager
    Boulder, CO   09/2002 - 06/2003
    * Administration of NetScreen based VPN / firewall / NAT
    * Handled ordering and troubleshooting of T1 data, voice and ISDN lines
    * Set up and maintained Windows/Exchange 2000, File & Print services
    * Set up and deployed Red Hat Linux webserver with Apache 2 and PHP
    * Support Windows XP desktop users across 2 remote offices
    * Custom Access / Visual Basic for Applications development under Office

  bConnected Software           Network Engineer / Systems Administrator
    Boulder, CO   04/1999 - 12/2001

    * Specified and deployed Cisco Catalyst switched Ethernet backbone
    * Administered Solaris 2.6-8 on Sparc and Intel platforms with
        VERITAS toolset.
    * Administered Apache with WebLogic Java Enterprise Server
    * Solaris based Checkpoint Firewall-1 VPN / NAT
    * Specified and helped deploy Solaris and Linux server appliances
        running in-house Java application
    * Set up Lucent Portmaster dial-in server w/ RADIUS (ISDN / Modem pool)
    * Handled ordering and troubleshooting of T1 data, voice and ISDN lines
    * Set up and maintained Windows/Exchange 2000, File & Print services
    * Supported Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Macintosh users

  MatchLogic, Inc.              Network Engineer / Systems Administrator
    Westminster, CO  06/1996 - 04/1999

    * Deployed Cisco PIX Firewall, and access-list based packet filters
    * Systems administration of large scale Sun Solaris servers / EMC storage
        with VERITAS toolset.
    * Deployed BGP routing between multiple upstream ISPs for failover
    * Specified Westminster facility network wiring infrastructure
    * Deployed FreeBSD UNIX based traffic-monitoring system (MRTG)
    * Set up Lucent Portmaster dial-in server w/ RADIUS (ISDN / Modem pool)
    * Handled ordering and troubleshooting of T1 data lines
    * Set up and maintained Windows NT Exchange, File & Print services
    * Supported Windows NT 4 and Macintosh users


  University of Colorado at Boulder
    Pursuing an Electrical Engineering curriculum

  Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn MI
    Two years in the Computer Science curriculum

References available upon request.


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