by Gary Gilbertson

This song was featured in the game 'Alternate Reality: The City', from Paradise Programming for the Atari in 1985.
The song is heard being sung in many bars.

If the music is not playing, Click here to listen.
[All these verses are played in random order, but always a long followed by a short. Repeats endlessly.]
Let me tell you           When you're tired
  Bout Thoreandan           You shouldn't retire
The man who bit off       In bad parts of town
  The dragon's hand         They'll setcha afire
No blows from his         As they burn you
  Sword ever did land       A circle they form
So he bit off             They intend to
  The dragon's hand         Stay snug and warm

Paws and claws            Do be kind
  Could be the cause        To poor and blind
Of anyone here's          See well out beyond
  Demise                    Your eyes
           Into danger
             Entrusting our sword
           To ward off dragon
             Or evil horde
           We love danger
             And we love our wine
           Just like treasure
             We hope to find
           Raise your mug
             Another jug
           Relax and stay thru
             The night